SLP - Senior Liquidity Pool

The Senior Liquidity Pool is a liquidity pool that covers the extra principal required once JLP targets are met.
The investments in SLP are insured by the ILP.
The SLP can be seen as a comparitvley safer investment strategy as compared to the ILP and JLP.


Investment Token: USDC
Proof of Investment Token: SLP Token
Who Can Invest?
  • Everyone is able to invest in the SLP
  • No auditing responsiblities over loans funded.
  • Max 80% of the loan principal - without a lower limit.
  • The size of the SLP is determined by the size of the JLP
  • Partially insured by the ILP
  • Lower risk compared to ILP/JLP
  • SLP is paid back principal and interest before the JLP, and before the ILP fees.
  • Lowest returns per USD invested, but least exposure to potential defaults.