SLP Design

LogicalyAvailableUSDC (LAUSDC) - Tracks the amount of USDC that can be lent, or has already been lent
LogicallyUnavailableUSDC (LUUSDC)- Tracks the amount that can't be lent - IE. USDC deposits that have reached maturity and is waiting to be withdrawn from depositors.
SLP deposit receipt - The fungible token of the SLP
TotalSLPTinCirculation - Tracks the total amount of SLPTs that have currently been minted
SLPT Price Calculation
SLPT Price Impacts
Minting - SLPT price doesn't change
Burning - SLPT price doesn't change
Loss - USDC amount locked fall, but SLPT in distribution doesn't.
Profit on repayment - USDC amount locked increase, but SLPT in distribution doesn't
SLP Maturity
When an investor invests in the SLP they have to specify the amount of USDC and the maturity date. The maturity date is either 180, 360, or 720 days. The investor is not allowed to withdraw funds before maturity. Post maturity date the funds can be withdrawn at any time.
When withdrawing funds the following scenarios can occur
  • The SLP will have enough liquidity to process SLPT burn requests, and return USDC
  • The SLP will not have enough liquidity available.
To ensure there's enough liquidity 90% of the SLP is allowed to be illiquid and loaned out for loans - while 10% will be kept liquid in a pool.
In the case where more than 10% is being withdrawn in the SLP, there will be a queue system. Investors will be served on a first come first served basis, whenever liquidity becomes available again.
A place in the queue is held for 24 hours before you'll need to queue again. In the case of a withdrawal from the queue, the current SLPT price will matter, and not the price from when the investor first joined the queue.