JLP - Junior Insurance Pool

Once a JLP is opened, all public information about the loan and an expiry timestamp will be released. If the JLP reaches its target before expiry then the SLP automatically deplys the remaining capital required.


Investment Token: USDC

Proof of Investment Token: JLP receipt.

Who Can Invest?

  • Everyone is able to invest in the JLP, however, each investor is assigned a reputation.

  • The maximum amount of allowed investment is based on the investor's JLP reputation (covered in Loans → Process)

  • A new JLP investor can only invest up to 5% of the pool size, the upper limit per investor overtime is 15%

Size of Pool

  • Minimum 20% of loan principal, no upper limit

  • The size of the JLP is determined by the DAO


  • In case of a default, JLP is first used to cover losses (first loss capital)

  • The last pool to be paid back

  • JLP has the highest risk out of any of the three pools


  • The investment duration is longer than the SLP and ILP since the principal is returned after the SLP principal and profits are, as well as the ILP fees.

  • The JLP has the highest returns per USD invested compared to the SLP and ILP

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